Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spring Boutique Fun ~

I am so happy that I was invited to join in the fun at our local Spring Boutique. It was a day of fun filled laughter and a huge success. I met lots of really talented artists, handed out lots of business cards and even managed a few sales, and a trade with my gal pal Clare, who just happened to have her super cute retro Hawaiian table set up next to mine.

There were lots of delish desserts to indulge in.. and a fantastic raffle table set up.. My basket went to a super fun man.. that it just happened to be his Granddaughter's birthday that very day.. So when I asked him what he would be doing with his won basket of pretty jewels.. he replied.. I am heading to my Granddaughter's birthday party.. and she will love this.

A very big thank you to Christina and Jennifer for putting together such a fun and successful show. I will be looking forward to the next.

Happy day!



  1. Your work is so feminine. I love the flowers.

  2. Thank you so much Mary.. Very sweet of you to say..

    Happy day ~