Monday, June 14, 2010

Help The Gulf Coast ~

 Kate, the owner of  a cute little Etsy shop called Flapperdoodle, featuring an all time favorite character duo Eloise and Ramona has come up with a fantastically awesome way to help the victims of the BP Oil Spill.   Help The Gulf Coast  is a collective etsy shop to help the gulf coast recover from the massive BP oil spill. Etsy sellers have donated their items so that 100% of the proceeds can be given to charity.

If you would like to make a difference by donating or purchasing from this awesome shop, please visit Kate's blog for more information..   Or you can also contact Kate by e-mailing her at:

Here are just a few of the cute items that you will find at this wonderful little shop.

Big Thank You to Kate for putting together such an awesome shop.
And another Big Thank You to Stephanie, Owner of Sassybellewares on Etsy for bringing this awesome little shop to my attention.


  1. The shop has lots of great items, including your pretty earrings:)

  2. And your gorgeous Birdcage Ring ~ xoxo