Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Touch Of Your Hand Touches My Heart ~ ♥

Hello sweet readers..  Today is my husbands Birthday so I thought I might pop in to share a special Birthday message to him.

To my darling husband.... 

Today is your special day, just like so many that we have shared together.  Each one touching my heart in such a way to complete every part of me.

To me you are the life I breath.  When I am thirsty I drink in the beauty of your soul.  When I am hungry you fill me with love.

Not one day passes between us that I don't crave a wink of your eye, the touch of your hand or the feel of your strong arms holding me tight.

You are an amazing husband and an even more amazing father.

Everything you do is selfless.  How easy it comes to you to always put us before yourself has made me continue to fall in love with you over and over again everyday.

For me my sweet there is no other life than the one that we have so lovingly created together.

My life is your life.  Entwined like to beautiful vines that belong together forever.

You are the sweetness in my tea, which I drink up everyday.  You are the sunshine that wakes me each morning to a beautiful new day.  You are my inspiration for love, laughter and all things good.  You are the giddyup  in my step and the smile on my face.

You are my first kiss, my last kiss, my shinning star and the man I love to the moon and back.

I will love you completely and passionately for the rest of our lives.

Happy Birthday my Love


 your loving wife

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