Thursday, September 12, 2013

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 Hello lovelies..

So sorry for being MIA these past few months.  I have been a busy little beaver.

My sweet little family and I were vacationing in Monterey, California, which was a wonderful break. Then I was busy getting my little ones prepared to get back to school.  My Son is a big 2nd grader this year and my baby girl started Kindergarten..  and yes.  I cried like a baby on the first day of school after dropping her off.  But now that the initial shock that my little ones are growing up has wore off a bit, I have settled into my stay at home mommy routine with free days for me to get busy with shop stuff.

For the past few weeks I have been busy working on the hunt for some beautiful vintage treasures to add to my shop.  I am super happy to say that I did in fact find some pretty sweet pieces.  I have also been busy working in my home studio on expanding my Woodland Collection "Behind The Shady Tree"

Excited to share with all of you sweet readers some of my vintage finds and my new woodland creations.

I hope you love them!!

More vintage treasures can be found at my shop

These are just of few of my new creations currently listed, with lots more to peek at in my Woodland Collection

These woodland beauties will be making there way to my shop this week

Thank you so much for visiting Nesting Pretty

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