Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Coral Reef By Ralphie ~ ♥

So proud of my little Ralphie.  His Kindergarten teacher choose him and 5 other students to create a sea life diorama to be displayed at there open house this week.

He did such a fantastic job!!!

Take a peek

The creativity of a child's mind is a precious thing.

Love you Ralphie

Sharing one of my favorite pieces of poetry that always manages to take me back to my childhood.

Poem for the creative child

By  Kathryn Haydon
Shimmering golden canopy
arching above
as you sail
back and forth
through the crisp autumn air
on your wooden airplane
strong arms stretched out
grasping tightly to rope
that transforms the old, discarded board
into magic,
lifting you up
above the world’s sorrow and sadness
turning your ear to the whispering leaves
that sing of innocence,
the rope twists
and in a show
of childlike abandon
you whirl
with glee
enlacing life with strands of delight as
yellow shooting stars
loosened from the tree’s grasp
cascade to the carpet below.
I make a wish,
this moment
frozen in time,
you on your wooden swing
wings stretched out
into forever.


  1. Yay!!! Thank you. He was so proud when he walked into his class this morning with it.. and so was I. Awwww. Love that little man so much!!!