Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lockets For Beautiful Bridesmaids ~ ♥

Sharing with you the lockets that I just finished up for a super sweet customer of mine.  Brittany asked me to make these pretty lockets for her to present to her six bridesmaids with a special engraving highlighting an attribute that makes them stand out above all others and has helped Brittany become who she is.

 Each locket will read " I love you for your (attribute)"

Humor, Joy, Creativity, Dependability, Encouragement, Generosity, Acceptance and Strength were some of the attributes on Brittany's list to describe these lovely ladies that will be by her side on her wedding day.

Brittany wanted to capture the perfect gift to let these special ladies know just how much she appreciates them.

I think it is just charming.  and I am in love with this adorable idea.

How sweet you are Brittany.
Wishing you a magical wedding day.

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  1. oh what a sweet idea! they are absolutely gorgeous : )

    My oldest daughter Brittney is getting married in August!!
    Sent her this post!!

  3. Awww.. I know!! Isn't it the sweetest idea ever. I so love it!!

    Thanks so much sweet Michele ♥♥ Congrats to your Daughter!!!

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