Monday, April 25, 2011

Featured Artist ~ Life -n- Reflection

I stumbled across this gorgeous image the other day while poking around on Etsy.  Isn't it just lovely!!!

So of course when I see something so completely lovely I just have to click in to see what other beauties I might find.

It was love at first sight.  EVERYTHING was just gorgeous!!

In fact everything was so gorgeous that I just had to share.

So without further adieu...

I would like to introduce you to Kristy of Life -n- Reflection...  The gal behind the lens.

What inspires such loveliness:

I am inspired by aging structures, thunderstorms, letters from the past, fields of rolled hay, rusting tractors, pattern of perfection imprinted on leaves, everyday items of yesteryear, and the wild tangling branches of old oak trees.  

 What is your creative process:

The create process is as important to me as the finished product. Burlap, aged postcards, pages torn from a book, and stamped ink are a few of my favorite things to create with.

How do you feel about blogging:

I challenge my readers each day to look at their lives in reflection.  Focusing on the simple things of life allows us to savor small pleasures: a kind face, a soft ray of light, a knowing glance, the budding of a tree, the song of a cheerful bird, and a loving embrace.  Through each moment savored you can find gifts of inspiration and serenity.  My blog is an outlet for sharing layers of moments captured in photography.  
To see more of Kristy's work visit her at Life -n- Reflection on Etsy!!

Much success to you sweet Kristy


  1. Thank you so much Tam! This so heart warming!!

  2. You are so welcome Kristy.. Your shop really is lovely ~ ♥♥