Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving ~

Whether It's Tofu, Turkey or a Pizza Pie. May your Thanksgiving be filled with an endless supply of Love, Laughter and Sweet Memories to Cherish.

♥ From our Home to Yours Happy Thanksgiving ♥

Take a turkey, stuff it fat,
Some of this and some of that.
Get some turnips, peel them well.
Cook a big squash in its shell. 

 Now potatoes, big and white,
Mash till they are soft and light.
Cranberries, so tart and sweet,
With the turkey we must eat.
Pickles-yes-and then, oh my!
For a dessert a pumpkin pie,
Golden brown and spicy sweet.
What a fine Thanksgiving treat!

Okay..  I had to throw this one in.  I thought it funny.  and my hubby's name is Ralph.  Big Ol Turkey.  haha
♥Love you Hubby ♥

Eat lots of turkey..  Gobble Gobble!!!!

Tam ♥

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